Bah! HP Terminal smarter n' me

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 00:02:58 2004

> Anyone know much about HP terminals (700/96) I have this beast hooked
> to a serial port on
> my linux box.. I am using a "serial laplink" cable and a null modem
> adapter (that should be
> two null modems together) I have agetty lines in my /etc/inittab

My first worry is that if it's a normal terminal it'll be a DTE (I've
never met a terminal that wasn't wired as such, for obvious reasons!) and
a PC serial port is normally a DTE too. You need 1 null-modem between them.

Get a breakout box (or even one of those little adapter-with-LEDs
testers) and find out which pins the terminal and PC are using as outputs.

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