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From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 10:10:33 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 09:46 -0500, Jay West wrote:
> > Any CDROM / floppy drive you can lose to create space for another disk?
> > (just watch out for heat issues though)
> I believe the CDROM could be absconded with. I'd have to check. Heat
> shouldn't be too much of a problem... as I recall that system has one of
> those horizontal "squirrelcage" type blowers in it and it moves some serious
> air!

Yep, my guess would be that it'd be OK too.

> More thoughts makes me think the classiccmp server has two drives in it. One
> for OS & addon software, and the other (160gb) for hosting the classic
> computer related websites and ftp sites. I would bet there's not room for a
> third. Hummm....

So I suppose you might be looking for a different rack-mount server, or
external storage shelves / SCSI disk cabinets sitting on top of the rack

Annoying thing being that I think I have a spare SCSI RAID controller
and another storage shelf turning up in the near future, but I'm on the
wrong side of the pond :-(

> > (and not even then if the server's on linux and you do a network
> > install)
> *cough* The server is FreeBSD (which certainly supports network
> installations).

;-) I couldn't remember if it did or not. Thinking about it, of course
it does as I've done it before...

> > How much disk space does the system need, anyway?
> Ok just checked remotely... there is a 20gb drive for OS & apps & misc
> stuff, then a 160gb drive for websites & ftp sites (and mailing list files).
> The OS disk is roughly half used, and the data disk is roughly 35% used. I
> have a ton of HP stuff to put on it though and some other stuff I won't
> mention publicly (but it's classic computer related), so fairly soon we'll
> be using about 1/2 the 160gb drive.

Heh, I've got about that much RAIDed storage at Bletchley using donated
equipment, but it's split between two 3U rack servers and storage
shelves all stuck into a DEC PDP rack :-) Doesn't half look (and sound)
the part though, but not exactly viable if you're sharing rack space
with paying ventures!

If you park your 1U server at the top of a rack then your best bet might
be to put the OS on an external SCSI disk in a small cabinet resting on
top of the rack (or next to a handy switch box etc. that doesn't take up
a whole rack width), leaving two bays inside the machine free for RAID


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