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From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 12:16:09 2004

Rumor has it that Jay West may have mentioned these words:

>I believe the CDROM could be absconded with. I'd have to check. Heat
>shouldn't be too much of a problem... as I recall that system has one of
>those horizontal "squirrelcage" type blowers in it and it moves some serious

Yes, they do very well for their size, don't they? ;-)

>The floppy drive in that case is a slim-line unit, can't put in a regular
>size one.

Then don't put in a regular sized one -- put in a laptop drive with a 2.5"
to 3.5" adapter (which might have to be modified... that's what Dremel
tools are for! ;-) ), and use that rascal as a backup drive. That's what
I've been thinking of doing... especially now that they have 7200RPM laptop
drives. 'Course, just for fun, could you see a couple of those raided? ;-P

I don't know if I'd use 'em for 'data' drives, but for boot/logging drives,
the seem to do OK - I even have an IBM drive turned external firewire at
home, and it performs *almost* as well as my internal IDE.

[[ I built it mainly as "near-offline" storage, but heck -- it's quick
enough I use it for a lot of my MPEG transcoding, instead of just storing
shows as planned. ]]

  -- Oh, and you have my permission as well to use my donated funds as you
see fit for the server.

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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