DEC RM05 mountings

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 11:14:56 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 09:45 -0600, Mike Cesari wrote:
> On Oct 4, 2004, at 8:11 AM, Jules Richardson wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone know how an RM05 drive assembly fastens to the massbus
> > control cab beneath? Doesn't seem likely that the drive assembly just
> > rests on top - but there's no obvious way of securing the drive/cab
> > together. I assume something's supposed to thread through the bracket
> > at
> > the top-front of the control cab and attach to the drive, but what/how?
> > And then what secures the drive toward the rear?
> >
> Jules,
> The drive assembly and massbus ctlr cabinet are side-by-side. If you
> have a
> second drive, the controller cabinet is sandwiched in between; there's
> space
> in the controller cabinet for 2 controllers. Bitsavers has RM05
> documentation:

Interesting. Maybe we've still got part of our Decsystem 5 to locate,
then :-) (it'll be in the rooms of unsorted stuff *somewhere*, it's
just a case of finding it)

> See the picture on the front cover of RM05_Handbook.pdf

OK, so what we have are three drives looking like the outer pair of
cabinets in that image, although one is marked as dead (I believe it
just needs a new blower motor though, so no big deal). What we haven't
found (yet) is the middle of the three cabinets in that image.

However, all of our cabinets which look like that outer pair are
seperated into two bits - the drive mechanism that sits on top, and the
assembly beneath (with the hinged front door and containing the massbus
sockets - what I assumed was a controller/massbus interface for the
drive above).

There's no clear way in which the drive sits on top of this lower
section; no obvious mounting holes on the underside of the drive unit.
Whilst there are a lot of holes on the top of the lower cabinet and this
bracket at the top-front, there's no obvious way of clamping the drive
to it. I assume there must be some metalwork that we're yet to locate -
the drive presumably vibrates quite a bit and not having it secured to
the lower cab is asking for trouble!

> Mike (Who scraped his knuckles on DEC stuff too often 15 or so years
> ago...)

Heh, I managed to get blood all over the rack after taking a chunk out
of my finger on it... plus after moving the RM05s, rack bits, CPU, PSUs,
memory crate, RK05 and the comms crate on Saturday and then lifting it
all into place and assembling yesterday my joints are feeling it a
little today :-)


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