DEC RM05 mountings

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 13:22:15 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 16:14 +0000, Jules Richardson wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 09:45 -0600, Mike Cesari wrote:
> > On Oct 4, 2004, at 8:11 AM, Jules Richardson wrote:
> >
> > >
> > > Does anyone know how an RM05 drive assembly fastens to the massbus
> > > control cab beneath?

Right, I'm confuzzling myself here.

So, the upper part of the RM05 just contains the pack and head assembly,
whilst the cabinet beneath contains just PSU, blower unit, and interface
cables? There's no read/write logic in that lower cabinet (or the drive
above) at all?

Then there's a seperate cabinet (which we need to find) which actually
has the read/write logic for the drives and in turn hooks to the back of
the 570?

What's confusing me is that there are four connectors (dual port,
in/out) inside the cabinet that sits beneath the drive assembly. Those
look to be exactly the same as an output connector on the back of the
DECsystem. That's what was making me think that the back of the
DECSystem plugs straight into one of those connectors on the lower drive
cabinets (I assumed the out on one cab then chains to the input on the
next one etc.), and that there was no 'missing cabinet' and that all the
read/write logic and massbus interface was in the cabinets below each
drive. Seems odd they'd use the same connector for two different
applications (machine to control cabinet, then control cabinet to each



ps. every Linux pdf viewer I can find takes an age to flip between pages
when looking at docs the size of the ones on bitsavers - to the point
that it makes casual reading completely impossible :-(
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