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From: Jay West <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 12:21:26 2004

Doc wrote...
> I'm going to suggest a bigger case, to start with.
That's possible, we'll see when I look at the case.

> is reasonable, and we *very* rarely see the frequency of drive failures
> that you're getting. When we do, it's invariably thermal issues in 1U
> rack cases. A lot of the 1U cases just don't provide adequate cooling
> for high-activity, high-RPM drives.
This case has some serious airflow due to the many fans plus the large
blower motor. I don't think that the classiccmp server hard drive has failed
but twice in about 5 or so years. Not great, but not a really bad failure
rate methinks.

> Do I remember you run FreeBSD? Set up a nice SATA pair or triplet
> and run software RAID.
Never ever ever ever run any raid level in software. It's always a bad idea.

> If you want IDE or SATA hardware RAID, go 3ware. They rock.
I'll have a looksee.


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