Floppy disks wanted - 5" hard sector

From: Dwight K. Elvey <dwight.elvey_at_amd.com>
Date: Mon Oct 4 12:24:34 2004

 I've made a punch setup that seems to work. I used
the frame of an old SA400 ( broken before I got it ).
I can punch the needed holes but it is not a high speed
production system. I figure for my time, a box of ten
for $10 is a lot cheaper than my rates. Still, for my
uses, punching them myself has personal satisfaction.
 If anyone is interested, I do have bootstrapping
routines for H8/H89 Heathkit machines so a person can
get their system up and running without a preformatted
disk ( it does need the 10 extra holes ). One can the
download HDOS through the serial port onto a fresh disk.
 The Poly 8813/10 also use hard sectored disk. I expect
to do some work on a similar routines for these. Right
now, I can transfer files but it does take a boot disk
to get started.
 I have a couple of Northstar machines but haven't had
the time to play with them. They are on my list.

>From: "Joe R." <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
> They used to show up regularly on E-bay. One guy was selling them for
>the software on them. IIRC I bought a set of ten for less than $10.
> Joe
>At 11:31 AM 10/3/04 -0400, you wrote:
>>Anyone know of a source of some inexpensive 5.25" hard sector diskettes (as
>>used in North Star and some Heathkit computers - 10 sectors)?
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