From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Mon Oct 4 14:33:51 2004

>>> This seems like a pretty decent idea, actually. With
>>> modern pc hardware you could put it on the pci bus, but a
>>> bootable option rom in it, and probably have that take over
>>> the whole machine from there...

Most PC implementations to not really lend themselve to full mastering of
the system from a PCI slot. MicroChannel machines WERE designed for this
purpose, but never really caught on.

That is why I was thinking about a FPGA type arrangement that (with some
supporting cirtuitry) could actually plug into the procesor chip. To keep
the internal logic a bit simplier the clock could be divided down a few

Although I have not worked directly in that area of hardware design for
about 12 years now, I still have some contacts who have even designed custom
digital (and analog) monolithics for a variety of functions. Im willing to
wager that the cost would not be totally outragous just by splitting it
across a few dozen systems.
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