From: Gordon JC Pearce <gordon_at_gjcp.net>
Date: Mon Oct 4 15:02:38 2004

David V. Corbin wrote:
>>>>This seems like a pretty decent idea, actually. With
>>>>modern pc hardware you could put it on the pci bus, but a
>>>>bootable option rom in it, and probably have that take over
>>>>the whole machine from there...

> That is why I was thinking about a FPGA type arrangement that (with some
> supporting cirtuitry) could actually plug into the procesor chip. To keep
> the internal logic a bit simplier the clock could be divided down a few
> stages.

I think it would be more of a PITA than it was worth. A lot of modern
hardware needs a fair old bit of setting up from software.

Maybe a "standard" motherboard to take an FPGA, fitted with a couple of
serial ports, possibly USB ports, and an IDE controller would be a bit
better? It would be fairly easy to implement.

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