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From: Nico de Jong <>
Date: Tue Oct 5 01:43:01 2004

From: "Tom Jennings" <>
> FLOPPY RAID! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! It would be fun to watch! Never
> mind all the lovely noises...
> Actually, you could probably optimize for seek...
> Imagine a 6-foot rack of 5" (or better, 8") flops all HONK HONKing.

Well, it isn't so strange an idea.
When I was employed by Philips Denmark, I had to support a PTS6000 system in
a local authority. The system was "slightly" underdimensioned; instead of a
proper system (1x 5MB disk, 1x 8" 251K floppy, 1x digital cassette), they
had for budgetary reasons to do with 2x 8" floppy and 1 cassette.
The "system" floppy contained all system files like suppliers, programs,
etc., while the 2nd floppy was for the daily transactions.
As the memory was underdimensioned, they had to do disk overlay on the
system floppy!
We usually shipped 5 disks at the same time, as a floppy was normally worn
out in about a week. Paying for the floppies was not problem, as it was paid
from a maintenance account, as opposed to an investment account.

I still dont dare to show my face at the customer site...


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