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From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Tue Oct 5 02:14:51 2004

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004, Nico de Jong wrote:

> When I was employed by Philips Denmark, I had to support a PTS6000 system in
> a local authority. The system was "slightly" underdimensioned; instead of a
> proper system (1x 5MB disk, 1x 8" 251K floppy, 1x digital cassette), they
> had for budgetary reasons to do with 2x 8" floppy and 1 cassette.
> ...
> We usually shipped 5 disks at the same time, as a floppy was normally worn
> out in about a week. Paying for the floppies was not problem, as it was paid
> from a maintenance account, as opposed to an investment account.
> I still dont dare to show my face at the customer site...

UGH! What a nightmare!! Pretty funny from here though.

My old FidoNet code ran just fine in 128K (K, not M) because
it was all small-model and ran in OVERLAYS (via PSA's
plink). Performance wasn't too bad, but still it was a lot
of drive honking, luckily I got to overlay Fido vs. FidoNet,
user interface sections vs. scheduler, etc. Hard disk was
"recommended" (sic).

But it wasn't like that, which sounds awful. I assume they
are not still running it!
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