now there's a good head crash

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Date: Tue Oct 5 14:06:56 2004

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Subject: now there's a good head crash
> DAMN RIGHT! Crappy PC/Mac hardware with stupid power cubes! At
> least CRTs can give you a shock, these wimpy laptop things
> barely hurt when used as bludgeons.

Most dangerous hardware in my collection:

DEC RA82 Hard Drive - With that big AC motor and pully, I'm sure it would
take your arm off if you ventured inside.

Quadex Q5000 Mini - Even grounded properly, touching the sides gives you a
nasty shock. Fortunately you don't have
 to touch it much once it's running.

HP 7XXX plotter - gave me a nasty papercut once while I prematurely grabbed
at it's output.
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