Can anyone read a 360K 5.25" NON-IBM floppy for me?

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Tue Oct 5 14:23:36 2004

Tom Jennings wrote:

> I've got a few (meaning, one or two) old floppies of mine that
> I found, and hope are still readable, one with the sole copy
> I know of of an 8086 ROM monitor debugger I used to bring up
> a lot of machines with.
> It's stored on a 360K 9-sector/track standard-formatted MSDOS
> diskette with the right fatID and all that, but it does NOT
> contain the IBM formatted crap in the boot sector that many
> PCDOS implementations require.
> Meaning, it will read fine (assuming it's still good) on MSDOS
> but probably not PCDOS. (On PCDOS diskettes like this generate
> something like "unformatted" error, Retry Ignore Abort.)
> If anyone with such a capability could slurp off the source
> (text) files and simply email them to me, and toss the original
> media, I'd appreciate it. I'm in Los Angeles, but anywhere in
> North America would be cheap postage.

   I have a transcription box running MSDOS v6.22 and Linux, with a
drive that will read 360KB disks. I'd probably image the disks to a
file under Linux and mess with the image files, hopefully limiting the
number of reads on your disks to one.

   If you don't get somebody local to do it contact me offlist.

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