From: Jan Dujardin <>
Date: Sun Oct 3 13:05:42 2004


I found your message below while googling around for Plato information.

You probabley already know, but there's an emulated Cyber running PLATO
online now at



From: Claude.W
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 14:14:31 +0000
Subject: Plato terminal


Id love to see the old Plato running again.

Does anyone here know anyone that worked or was involved in Plato
and might be able to get some kinda "emulator" project going off the

Writing up a terminal emulator might not be dramatic but emulating the
cybers that ran plato might be more of a challenge...

This would be totaly wild and while I dont have a lotta time for stuff
this...this one would probably get some attention from me...

And if I could find listing of some games I had written, Id go totaly
wild...SPACE ATTACK was one of them.

Seems TELUQ (Tele-Universitee here in Quebec) was very involved in
But I have yet to find some people from "back then"....


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