Tek 1230 pods

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Tue Oct 5 17:20:22 2004

Hello Patrice,

   Your message went to a mailing list but I'm probably one of the ones
that was discussing the Tek 1230 pods. Strange as it sounds, I have some
pods, the case and some ROMs but I don't have the analyzer. No, my stuff
isn't for sale! One of thse days I'll get one of the analyzers. I have
several working Gould, HP and other analyzers so finding a 1230 isn't a
priority. There are LOTS of people that have the analyzers but without the
pods, it's a very common problem. The dealers that have pods want more for
them than what a complete LA with all the accessories would cost. My advice
is to NEVER buy a LA without the pods, wire lead sets and grabbers and
other parts that you need. It's just too expensive to buy the buy the
accessories separately. Your best best would be to buy a complete LA and
just save your's for parts if you ever need them.


At 04:00 PM 10/4/04 +0200, you wrote:
>i have an old tek 1230 but without pods ! funny
>i was searching the internet for pods as i saw that you are searching too.
>Maybe did you found a reseller, or maybe do you have a tip or
>explanation on
>how it works to give to me.
>Patrice ULRICH
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>5, rue Ren? Descartes
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>Email : patrice.ulrich_at_eost.u-strasbg.fr
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