Tek 1230 pods

From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Tue Oct 5 17:37:23 2004

>>> Your message went to a mailing list but I'm probably one
>>> of the ones that was discussing the Tek 1230 pods. Strange
>>> as it sounds, I have some pods, the case and some ROMs but
>>> I don't have the analyzer. No, my stuff isn't for sale! One
>>> of thse days I'll get one of the analyzers. I have several
>>> working Gould, HP and other analyzers so finding a 1230
>>> isn't a priority. There are LOTS of people that have the
>>> analyzers but without the pods, it's a very common problem.
>>> The dealers that have pods want more for them than what a
>>> complete LA with all the accessories would cost. My advice
>>> is to NEVER buy a LA without the pods, wire lead sets and
>>> grabbers and other parts that you need. It's just too
>>> expensive to buy the buy the accessories separately. Your
>>> best best would be to buy a complete LA and just save
>>> your's for parts if you ever need them.

Or be on the lookout for a Tek 1230 that has just died...Put the word out to
people that have one...Often when something like this dies it just goes in
the garbage. Make sure that everyone you know that knows someone that has
one knows that you will give them CASH for the entire kit and kaboodle even
though the analyzer itself has died [then you can scavange the carcass for

I have used this approach many times [on computer related and other stuff]
and it WORKS!
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