now there's a good head crash

From: JP Hindin <>
Date: Thu Oct 7 09:14:13 2004

> > It has been my experience that just a crappy PC harddrive will stop a
> > .45 ACP. They don't do so well against a 7.62x54R, though.
> I believe my Mosin-Nagant uses 7.62x54. I'll have to try that out (digging
> for a PC hard drive). My chinese SKS uses the lesser 7.62x39 - but with a 40
> shot bananna clip, you can produce a constant hammering effect *GRIN*

I regularly use hard disk platters for target practice. This has become a
bit of a tradition with my group of 'Redneck Geeks'.
Of course, I only have a Remington .22 SportsMaster (I'm only a resident
after all, I've decided it's not worth attracting attention to myself just
to own weapons).

A single 3.5" platter will usually stop a .22 LR round, but not always,
and not after you've hit it a few times and stressed the metal.

We hang the holed platters into mobiles. Will be useful one day when I
actually have a kid. (Assuming my wife doesn't get all funny about those
sharp edges, she does that now and then)

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