Early PDP-11 memory question

From: Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net>
Date: Thu Oct 7 09:14:26 2004

I have a question for the PDP-11 Unibus experts here.
I recently obtained a PDP 11/35 that had been dismantled
some years ago. As part of this, there were some older
style core memory board sets. These were the 8k H214
and H215 core boards and their corresponding G110 and
G231 boards. The backplane in the CPU box next to
the CPU backplane is an MF11-LP. There are three
other MM11-UP backplanes that supposedly came out of
a big BA11 expansion box. I also have the original
large field print sets for the MM11-L and MM11-S
memory, which both seem to go along with the
H214/H215/G110/G231 board sets.


Does anyone know if the older 8k H214/H215/G110/G231
memory board sets will work in the backplanes that
I have? The previous owner says that this memory went
with the backplanes that I have. I have acquired some
16k H217c, G214, and G235 memory board sets, along
with the M8293 and M7259 boards, so I can get more core
in the same space, but I would like to use the 8k core
too, if it can be used with the backplanes I have.

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