media what died a'bornin'

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Date: Thu Oct 7 05:17:48 2004

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004, Tom Jennings wrote:

> Too bad flexidisks (audio) died such an early death. Clearly
> it wasn't a medium that was going to last that long, but the

These were issued as "Floppy ROM" in several issues of Interface Age.
Very neat.

There were discussions on the list years ago about programs being sent out
over the radio as in the UK so you would plug your radio output into your
computer's cassette input to receive the program: mass software

There was also a discussion about bouncing signals off the moon to create
a delay-line memory of sort.

What if we were to preserve software by encoding it as audio and bouncing
it off the moon? I figure we could probably save a few old programs that
way :)

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