Tek 1230 pods

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Date: Thu Oct 7 05:24:20 2004

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004, David V. Corbin wrote:

> Or be on the lookout for a Tek 1230 that has just died...Put the word out to
> people that have one...Often when something like this dies it just goes in
> the garbage. Make sure that everyone you know that knows someone that has
> one knows that you will give them CASH for the entire kit and kaboodle even
> though the analyzer itself has died [then you can scavange the carcass for
> parts]
> I have used this approach many times [on computer related and other stuff]
> and it WORKS!

This sounds like the Tom Vu method for acquiring classic gear:

"You so stupid! Look at you with your puny little worthless computer
collection, while I sit here atop this pile of Altairs. Look, literally
it's a pile of Altairs! I get so many of these that I finally just
started throwing them into this pile, and now I can sit atop it like the
King of the Altairs and gloat while you sit there with your pitiful
Commodore 64 missing the '1' key! Listen to my plan and I'll make you a
classic computer GOD like me!!!"


(For the unenlightened: http://infomercial.tvheaven.com/tomvu.htm)

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