OT Re: now there's a good head crash

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Thu Oct 7 21:34:53 2004

Bob wrote...
> Be careful with high velocity rounds against pins, I've seen shots come
> right back at you.
> Bowling pin shooters (its a handgun sport) use flat-pointed, heavy rounds
> to
> 'smack' the pins back off the table. I can't reccomend any FMJ round for
> this sport,
Odd, precisely because they are using a flat heavy round to 'smack' the pin,
is exactly WHY you've probably seen shots come back at you. The 7.62x39
rounds go into the pin and come very cleanly out the back. But the heavy
semiflexible coating keeps the target whole, it almost self-seals on entry
and exit after the bullet passes through it. Maybe older pins are not coated
with this thick plastic over a wooden core, but mine are. Completely wooden
pins with no thick plastic coating would disintegrage and split up after the
first shot or two.

> use a soft-point round (like the Wolf 7.62 x 39) if you must use a
> rifle for a handgun sport!
Handgun sport? Nah, I disagree. Shooting pins (at least the way I described,
on a wire).... from 100 yards away is decidedly not a 'handgun sport'.

Jay West
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