Early PDP-11 memory question

From: Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net>
Date: Thu Oct 7 21:56:36 2004

I found the docs on the 11/35 MF11-L core memory system,
which shows the module arrangement of the H214, G110,
and G231 boards that I was wondering about earlier.
In case anyone ever encounters this kind of core
memory, here's they layout:

This view is from the wiring side of the backplane.

Slot Module
9 M920 H214
8 G110
7 G231
6 H214
5 G110
4 G231
3 G110
2 G231
1 M981 H214

This matches precisely to the boards I have that
had been removed from the MF11-L backplane in the
CPU box.

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