Vector (arcade) monitor interfacing issues

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Thu Oct 7 22:20:49 2004

Tom Jennings wrote:
>If the generator turns off write current (eg. Z axis off) when
>"at rest" you can let the beam rest whereever you want. If it's
>a 4-quadrant system eg. location (0, 0) is X=0V, Y=0V, you can
>simply multiply X and Y by 0 when Z=0, aka turn off X and Y.

I think the problem is not the phosphor, (i.e. turning off Z) but where
the "drawing machine" leaves the deflection drivers.

If it leaves the x & y in state where the drivers are turned on fully,
the transistors get hot.

As I recall (dimly), the center of the screen was 0,0 and the drivers
(push-pull) where off so no current was flowing.

(those vector machines were the first time I discovered that software
could be written to trash hardware :-)

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