Clandestine data - was: media what died a'bornin'

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Oct 7 22:07:16 2004

  I've got news for you. They still do the same type of thing. There are
hidden signals all over the sperctrum. There ARE benefits to owning a GOOD
surveillance reciever :-)


At 07:14 PM 10/7/04 -0400, you wrote:
> It is little known (but documented) that, during WWII, radio station KHJ
>in Los Angeles ( and undoubtedly many others ) sent radio-teletype signals
>by shifitng the carrier a miniscule amount - I think about 10 htz, and
>using a very slow baud rate. This would not be noticed by the average
>equipment of the day, and would take very specialized gear to recover,
>store and print
> But it allowed messages to be sent large distances by powerful
>transmitters - completely 'in the blind'.
> Cheers
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