Storage Hazards

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Date: Fri Oct 8 15:14:04 2004


> Assuming there are no power sources nearly all electronics is
> water safe. LCDs I don't know about though, and things like
> membrane switches, while their components are probanbly safe,
> will trap water unless disassembled.
> (Most electronic assembly processes use water-soluable fluxes and
> such and often get a water bath. Other things to watch for are
> trimpots. But if the device is dead, what have you got to lose?)

Is this what it is? Duller looking solder joints, dull dry circuit
boards with few rare water marks?

Well, what it is, this resoldering job is a bitch because of
no protective flux remaining or oxidizing during water soluable flux
removal made the plated brass gromments, component leads that stuck
out of the soldered joints unsolderable without razor scraping or
rubbing with scratchy eraser. I want old fashioned flux back on
those TV boards and left alone. This quality of solders better and
made resoldering MUCH easier down the road.

Grrrr, TV tech.


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