Storage Hazards

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Fri Oct 8 19:27:30 2004

On Fri, 8 Oct 2004 wrote:

> > (Most electronic assembly processes use water-soluable fluxes and
> > such and often get a water bath. Other things to watch for are
> > trimpots. But if the device is dead, what have you got to lose?)
> Is this what it is? Duller looking solder joints, dull dry circuit
> boards with few rare water marks?

I doubt it. You don't say what device you're talking about,
but a lot could have happened to it since it was new. The new
processes work just fine and don't cause the problems you're
talking about. Sounds like it was in a corrosive environment,
or maybe it was bad when new. Who knows!
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