OS Suggestions - Mac Quadra 800

From: Kelly Leavitt <CCTalk_at_catcorner.org>
Date: Sun Oct 10 16:55:40 2004

Scored this from the local "cleanup week", sans monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Has the DayStar Digital 100 MHz PPC upgrade board installed. Now, what do I
do with it? I have a keyboard and mouse on the way.

I have plenty of "standard" PC VGA monitors. Will these probably work? What
OS would suit this machine the "best". I am primarily a Xenix/Linux/Solaris
man, with a smattering of Microsoft products. Which OS will be the most
"usefull" I know the machine has at least 48 Meg of RAM. Not sure exactly
until I get it connected to a monitor.

What are the Pros and Cons of each OS?

Thanks for any suggestions,
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