OS Suggestions - Mac Quadra 800

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Date: Mon Oct 11 00:17:42 2004

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Subject: OS Suggestions - Mac Quadra 800

> Scored this from the local "cleanup week", sans monitor, keyboard and
> Has the DayStar Digital 100 MHz PPC upgrade board installed. Now, what do
> do with it? I have a keyboard and mouse on the way.
> I have plenty of "standard" PC VGA monitors. Will these probably work?
> OS would suit this machine the "best". I am primarily a
> man, with a smattering of Microsoft products. Which OS will be the most
> "usefull" I know the machine has at least 48 Meg of RAM. Not sure exactly
> until I get it connected to a monitor.
> What are the Pros and Cons of each OS?
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Kelly

I think the 800 shipped with OS 7.1 pro. Any of the os 7.X version should
run fine on that machine, apple allows you to download OS 7.5.3 and upgrade
it to 7.5.5 for free if you download the disk images from the apple site.
The unit by itself can go to OS 8.1 (last for 68k macs) but with the PPC
upgrade you can probably do 8.x (if you like slow machines).

If you are real adventuresome you can go dig up a copy of Apple A/UX unix
and run that on the 800 (without PPC upgrade).

You will need a VGA to Mac video adapter to use a standard SVGA monitor on
your Mac.
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