AVL Coyote Memory Programmer

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Mon Oct 11 10:17:36 2004

I can't find a date on this thing, so it might be off topic, but visually
it sure looks older then 10 years.

I got this from the "it isn't selling so it is now garbage, help
yourself" pile at a garage sale over the weekend. It is labeled as an AVL
Coyote Memory Programmer. Near as I can find, it is a slide projector
dissolve controller. It has 3 wires hanging from it that I'd guess plug
into slide projector remote ports. However, all the slide projectors I
have seen have 5 pin jacks. These cables have the standard 5 pin plug,
but there are an additional 2 pins below it that will prevent them from
being used with any slide projects I have.

It also has two RCA style jacks labeled Play In and Record Out. I'm
taking a guess they are saving and loading any programming you have done.
(There are Memory Save and Memory Load buttons on the keyboard that helps
me draw this conclusion).

Without knowing how to use it, I can't say if it works or not. It powers
on, and in just pressing the buttons, I think some of the keys may not
work. They are pressure pad like keys, and it feels like the top of the
pads is lifting up, so the keys that don't seem to do anything could just
be failing to make contact (or could only work in some combination or
under certain times).

Does anyone know anything about this thing? Any idea where I can locate a
manual? Is there anyone that has been hunting for one of these and would
like it? I'd be interested in playing with it if I can figure out how to
use it and can find slide projectors that work with it, but it isn't
anything that I'd do more than play with, so if there is someone that
would love to have it, I can probably be persuaded to give it away.

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