AVL Coyote Memory Programmer

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Mon Oct 11 15:18:42 2004

At 11:17 AM 10/11/04 -0400, you wrote:
>I can't find a date on this thing, so it might be off topic, but visually
>it sure looks older then 10 years.
>I got this from the "it isn't selling so it is now garbage, help
>yourself" pile at a garage sale over the weekend. It is labeled as an AVL
>Coyote Memory Programmer. Near as I can find, it is a slide projector
>dissolve controller. It has 3 wires hanging from it that I'd guess plug
>into slide projector remote ports. However, all the slide projectors I
>have seen have 5 pin jacks. These cables have the standard 5 pin plug,
>but there are an additional 2 pins below it that will prevent them from
>being used with any slide projects I have.
>It also has two RCA style jacks labeled Play In and Record Out. I'm
>taking a guess they are saving and loading any programming you have done.
>(There are Memory Save and Memory Load buttons on the keyboard that helps
>me draw this conclusion).
>Without knowing how to use it, I can't say if it works or not. It powers
>on, and in just pressing the buttons, I think some of the keys may not
>work. They are pressure pad like keys, and it feels like the top of the
>pads is lifting up, so the keys that don't seem to do anything could just
>be failing to make contact (or could only work in some combination or
>under certain times).
>Does anyone know anything about this thing?

   I don't know about this particular model but I've found a number of AVL
machines. I found that AVL made audio-visual controlllers (aka slide
controllers). Some of the early ones were based on S-100 chassis with
MOSTLY custom cards. I say mostly because I was told that they used
Compupro CPU and RAM cards in a Compupro chassis. I've run across several
different AVL systems but I've never found one with Compupro boards. I
passed up a couple that appeared to use S-100 cards. I was going to get
them just for the card sockets, power supplies etc but the owners' wanted
too much for them and all the cards in them where custom. I also have a
"newer" one that looks similar to an Apple II with external disk drives.

Any idea where I can locate a

   I think AVL is still is business, you could try them but I doubt they'd
be able to help.

>s there anyone that has been hunting for one of these and would
>like it?

  No thanks.

I'd be interested in playing with it if I can figure out how to
>use it and can find slide projectors that work with it, but it isn't
>anything that I'd do more than play with, so if there is someone that
>would love to have it, I can probably be persuaded to give it away.

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