finding the right name for a connector

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Oct 11 11:57:50 2004

Is there any reliable place to check what the name of a connector style
is? I have one I am trying to track down so I can purchase a replacement.
But most of the catalogs that sell large assortments of connectors don't
have pictures of each style. That makes it tough to buy the right thing
when you don't know what it is called.

In this case, the connector looks rather like an ATX power plug. Only
physically smaller (but has more pins). I'm sure Mouser will have what I
want, as soon as I find what it is called so I can look it up.

I go thru this on a regular basis, so I didn't know if someone knew of a
web site, or of some dealer who's catalog actually showed pictures of
each style.

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