Xerox 9700 card identification

From: JP Hindin <>
Date: Mon Oct 11 12:58:03 2004


I've got a line on a Xerox 9700 COM driver, which appears to be a
double-rack containing a CDC disk, a PDP11/34a, a big magtape and a couple
honkin' great PSUs.

Was wondering if anyone could identify one of the cards in the unit - this
is the list I received from the owner:

M7843 DR11-K Digital I/O
M7856 DL11-W SLU/RTC

M8265 KD11-EA 11/34A Data Paths Module (rep M7265)
M8266 KD11-EA 11/34A Control Module (rep M7266)

M9202 (2 bus) Inverted Jumpered Unibus Cable (M9192 + M9292)
M9031-YX Unibus to 3 3M cables for 11/74?
M9302 Unibus Terminator - Far End

X020 5012180B-P2 Data Path
X030 CDC Disk Controller
X031 -5 VDC regulator

143103843-001 rev B 8x18 (6pop - 4116-20NL) == 96k?

M8013 RL01 Disk Controller 1/2
M8014 RL01 Disk Controller 2/2
M8092 ???
M8200-YB 1-line sync DDCMP microprocessor w/ 1K control ROM (point-to-point, used with M8201)
M8202-YA DMC-11-MA 1-Mbaud integral modem line unit
M9301-YJ M9301 w/ bootstrap for DECnet DMC11, RX01, TU10, ASCII console

I'm not sure where he got the descriptions, probably from some web
resource or maybe even documentation of some description. I'm curious what
the M8092 is, google doesn't return anything remotely related.

Pictures of the 9700, amongst other bits and pieces, can be found here:

The thing also comes with a couple spare CDC disk packs, and he thinks he
can find an RX01 with the necessary disk controller for it too.


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