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From: Jim Isbell <>
Date: Mon Oct 11 13:39:18 2004

I volenteer in a church thrift shop. Many times we get computer stuff
that we either pitch in the dumpster or canabalize for parts because our
clientele wont buy them. Today I liberated a computer and a folder of
MAC software on CDs (These are NOT RELATED). The computer is IBM
compatable, but probably too old to go online

Today I got a folder of Macintosh CDs that we would have pitched into
the dumpster but I grabbed them and am offering them here to anyone who
will pay the postage ($3.85). I just cant stand to see stuff go into
the trash that maybe someone with an old computer could use. The folder
contains the following titles:
1.) The Family Doctor 3rd edition
2.) Powermonger
3.) Syndicate
4.) Power Poker
5.) Populous II
6.) Puzzle Power
7.) The Labyrinth of Time

Also rescued from the dumpster was an old computer that will probably
end up going right back there because I dont have the space to store
it. Its a ICM (no, not IBM) circa 1988, 16 Mhz, MSDOS (pre windows)
with some Word Perfect software and some Bar Exam software on the HD
(type 17) It is fully operational. The monitor is an KLH Orange on
Black monichrome monitor. It has a 5.25" and a 3.25" diskette drive.

Everything works, even the software.!! If you want it and live nearby
(Corpus Christi TX area) maybe it would be a deal, but shipping would
probably be around $25, maybe more.

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