From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Oct 11 14:51:29 2004

> > > [T]here's an emulated Cyber running PLATO online now at
> > >

I just wish I could get access to it from behind our firewall. :-(
(things are *really* tight here - SMTP is restricted to a small number
of machines, for example; most protocols are simply blocked outright).

I have fond memories of PLATO from a terminal at Ohio State, c. 1979.
The two apps I remember running most often were a dungeon exploration
game (that I am pretty sure was multi-player and persistent because it
was nearly devoid of both treasures and monsters when I wandered
through), and a chemistry lab simulation where you would "assemble"
the glassware to distill liquids, etc.

I know there was a lot more available, but those were the ones that I
spent enough time with to make an impression.

I also have a dimmer memory of using PLATO briefly when I visited an
older relative at Purdue a year or two earlier, but I didn't get to
play much.

Ah, well... I'll have to fire it up when I get home in a few months.
In the meantime, at least there are some decent 36-bit emulators to
sate my nostalgia for late-70s Big Iron.


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