From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Mon Oct 11 00:01:15 2004

der Mouse declared on Sunday 10 October 2004 12:36 am:
> > [T]here's an emulated Cyber running PLATO online now at
> >
> ...which unfortunately is, effectively, restricted to people in or
> near California, or who are willing to ignore the user agreement
> (section 6 of the agreement is totally insane for anyone for whom
> California would be inconvenient).
> Pity. It'd be nice to have PLATO back again; I have fond memories of
> using it in the late '70s. Oh well.

You know, it seems perfectly reasonable to me for someone who's providing
a FREE SERVICE. If you feel like you may need to take legal action
against someone who is giving you something for free which they're
spending money on, you have issues.

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