finding the right name for a connector

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Oct 11 15:24:36 2004

>You also didn't say what the connector is installed in!

This one in particular doesn't fit in the 10 year rule. Its from an
original iMac. Its the power connector. It looks similar to an ATX
connector, but it is smaller and has more pins.

> I
>assume you have one half of a connector pair, and want the

Yup, I have one side, and I want the other so I can splice in a new power

>If you can get the connector out, with a magnifier look for
>molded-in letters IDing the manu or brand, often << 1mm or .010"
>or so.

I was able to find on it "FoxConn". It was almost completely rubbed off
(or just poorly molded in), so I missed that on the first pass. I did
check FoxConn's web site, and they do seem to have pics of most of their
stuff. It is going to be a royal PITA, but I suspect I will just have to
click thru their online list and hope I find the right one. (On a first
try, I wasn't able to find something that looked right AND had the right
number of pins AND right pitch for the pins).

>If you can't, do the classic hold-a-ruler-up-to-it and take a
>300dpi photo and post it and ak the list to look at it.

If I don't have luck on FoxConn's web site tonight, I'll probably upload
a pic and see if anyone recognizes it.

Otherwise, I may just have to find pins that fit and put them all in
place, then use silicone caulk or hot glue to make my own shell to hold
them in the right alignment.

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