From: Gene Buckle <>
Date: Tue Oct 12 17:21:29 2004

> > It only has 384MB of RAM so if I get it I'll want to bump that up if
> > I can get it cheap.
> *cough* OK... if you say so... I'm happy to have 16MB in my 8200, and
> I'd be happier if it weren't on 5 cards! (2MB and 4MB) Unless you
> plan to run some monster stuff or a *lot* of simultaneous users, a
> VAX (as opposed to an Alpha) VMS system should be happy with a lot
> less than what you already have.
I didn't realize that. I'm used to the "there's no such thing as too much
RAM" rule. :)

> > The 8250 I had I bought from Mannesman-Tally here in Kent. $500 and I had
> > to de-install it myself. It was a fun machine. I had no business putting
> > it in the upstairs of my house though. Especially with four RA81s.
> Ooph! My 8200/8300 is in the basement, along with one RA81, and a TU80
> (which I'd be using if I could get my DWBUA working).
I had the TU81+ tape drive for it as well. I cussed a blue streak when I
found the 50+lb steel balance plate in the bottom of the cabinet. AFTER
we lugged it up the staircase. We couldn't figure out how to safely
remove the drive from the cabinet so we popped the sides off and hauled it
up. Damn near killed us both. :)

> You might want to consider a newer version of VMS, then. I don't have any
> experience with TCP/IP on pre-OpenVMS 7.x, but I know VMS 5.x didn't come
> with anything except DECnet. There were several options back in the day for
> VMS 5.x machines, but at work then, we never went with any of them (we made
> SNA and Bisync hardware/software ourselves, so we just used our own products
> in a point-to-point HASP network to move stuff around on the machines that
> didn't happen to have DDCMP serial cards and DECnet).

It's been too long since I've looked at those tapes. The version I have
is not "5.2", but "5-5.2". Regardless, I suppose I'm going to need a new
version of OpenVMS for it. Will the old PAKs I have for v5 work with
newer versions?


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