Need 3-4 Psion Series 5 handhelds for VCF

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Tue Oct 12 17:14:28 2004

I'm in need of 3-4 Psion Series 5 for the upcoming VCF. They're to be
used as portable terminals for the judges to use in scoring exhibits. I'm
trying to source them for under US$50 each. eBay has been OK and I've
gotten a couple from there already but most keep going for over $50 each
and my budget won't allow me to go higher.

Does anyone have any for sale, or know of where I can get some for under
US$50? I don't care if they are ugly or if certain non-critical parts are
broken (i.e. broken doors, latches, etc.) As long as it powers up, the
screen works, and the CF slot works then I'll be happy (of course I'll
want to pay less for such units).


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