Need 3-4 Psion Series 5 handhelds for VCF

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Tue Oct 12 17:58:49 2004

The Revo or Revo+ would also work as well. Also, the Ohio Scientific
Osaris, as long as it includes OPL.

> I'm in need of 3-4 Psion Series 5 for the upcoming VCF. They're to be
> used as portable terminals for the judges to use in scoring exhibits. I'm
> trying to source them for under US$50 each. eBay has been OK and I've
> gotten a couple from there already but most keep going for over $50 each
> and my budget won't allow me to go higher.
> Does anyone have any for sale, or know of where I can get some for under
> US$50? I don't care if they are ugly or if certain non-critical parts are
> broken (i.e. broken doors, latches, etc.) As long as it powers up, the
> screen works, and the CF slot works then I'll be happy (of course I'll
> want to pay less for such units).
> Ideas?

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