So Far it's been a GREAT week for the collection

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Wed Oct 13 08:56:47 2004

>>> On Monday night I picked up a IBM 029 Keypunch at the
>>> airport loading dock that had been donated and shipped from
>>> Colorado. Last night I went to give a presentation about
>>> the museum and the president of the group I spoke to gave
>>> me a Altair 8800 Rev. A. The SN is 220862K and he also gave
>>> me 3 Mits cards. On Tuesday I also got a call from a guy
>>> wanting to donate some items and will meet with him
>>> Thursday evening. Saturday I have to drive about 200 miles
>>> from Houston to pick up a complete S/34 with tons of
>>> manuals plus a IBM model 548 card interpreter. Lots of new
>>> toys to play with. :-)

SHOW OFF!!!! [Congratulations]
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