From: Gene Buckle <>
Date: Wed Oct 13 09:05:40 2004

> > I may (and I emphisize _may_) be getting a VAX 6000/610 for the cost
> > of shipping it. Is there a SCSI adapter available for this machine?
> If it has DSSI you can use a HSDxy SCSI-to-DSSI hardware RAID adapter to
> convert cheap SCSI disks to a (bunch of) logical DSSI disks.
> > I'd like to avoid running RA series drives if I can avoid it.
> What is wrong with a RA9x? You can mount two of them in the bottom of a
> VAX6k.

I realize that. However, I would like to configure it in such a way that
it draws as little power as possible. Even an RA90 sucks many times the
power that a single 40GB SCSI disk does. :)

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