Vintage calculator question...

From: Computer Collector E-Mail Newsletter <>
Date: Thu Oct 14 15:59:05 2004

Hey folks... this isn't REALLY off-topic because, as everyone knows by now, I
only collect calculators that also have PDA functions... i.e. computers.

My latest find is a Sharp EL-8160, circa 1978/1979. This isn't the "first"
PDA, but it's still a (very) early example.

I can make it display letters on the screen, but I can't figure out how to make
it save the data. I know the function works because, when it came in the mail
and I turned it on, there was some former owner's memo on the screen!

Does anyone have, or did anyone once own, a Sharp EL-8160? If so I could use a
manual or some help.

 - Evan

(PS -- I sent this message from the wrong email address just now, so please
accept my apology if it also appears on this list from evan947_at_yahoo)

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