ecommerce and shopping carts

From: Rob O'Donnell <>
Date: Thu Oct 14 17:44:08 2004

At 12:31 14/10/2004, Andrew K. Bressen wrote:

>Anyone know of any other shopping-cart and/or automatic payment
>systems that were up and running or publically described
>before October of '94?

I definitely bought a book ("The meaning of Liff") in the early 1980s on
Prestel, British Telecom's online viewdata public information service. I
think it was via Club 403 (all pages were numbered, with main IPs
("Information Providers") being allocated 3-digit prefixes, hence many
called themselves after their page number). I actually found my old '403
membership card the other day - it expired in 1985. I have a vague feeling
that although I placed the order through their online system, they phoned
me up for the credit card details..

I do have a fair bit of old Prestel (and Viatel - Australia) publicity
material and IP brochures, but not sure if they mention any form of
e-commerce (as that phrase hadn't been coined then!).

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