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From: Paul Koning <pkoning_at_equallogic.com>
Date: Fri Oct 15 09:01:20 2004

>>>>> "Ed" == Ed Kelleher <Pres_at_macro-inc.com> writes:

 Ed> At 07:49 PM 10/14/2004, you wrote:
>>> Please pardon my ignorance here, I'm going out on a limb ...
>>> vt50dpy as in VT50/VT52?? VT100's were ANSI, VT50/VT52 were DEC
>>> specific. They used way different programming codes.
>> I suspect I misunderstood the manual when it said "Use VT50DPY for
>> vt50,vt52 and vt100 terminals."
>> The manual also mentions command options like /24 (use 24 lines
>> instead of 12) and /DCA (use cursor control instead of spacing)
>> but I am not sure how to supply those via the run command as in
>> run $vt50dpy /24 /dca
>> like that? It complains that it can't find some file, where run
>> $vt50dpy starts up fine.
>> I suppose I need to make a CCL.. right? :^)

 Ed> Ohhhhh RSTS! Light bulb goes off in head - light leaks out nose
 Ed> and ears from empty skull.

 Ed> Thought that sounded familiar, VT50DPY was the continuously
 Ed> updating SYSTAT thing? The "bring the system to it's knees"
 Ed> program (along with Plane)? Real VT100's had a hardware VT52
 Ed> emulation mode, or you could NOT use DCA and it should run on a
 Ed> VT100.

 Ed> But, a 7 character program name?? Thought RSTS and the others
 Ed> were 6.3?

The name was VT50PY, or DISPLY, or something like that.

In V10.1, that program would do ANSI escape sequences if the terminal
appeared to be a VT100 or above (i.e., a scope with XON support and no
fill). But, judging by the sources, that wasn't available before
V10.1. So you can change the code :-) or you can track down an xterm
with VT52 escape support, or you could add it to xterm (VT52 escapes
are pretty simple...)

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