[Simh] Request for Reccomendations - Telnet

From: Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net>
Date: Fri Oct 15 09:22:56 2004

 Ed> At 07:49 PM 10/14/2004, you wrote:
>>> Please pardon my ignorance here, I'm going out on a limb ...
>>> vt50dpy as in VT50/VT52?? VT100's were ANSI, VT50/VT52 were DEC
>>> specific. They used way different programming codes.
>> I suspect I misunderstood the manual when it said "Use VT50DPY for
>> vt50,vt52 and vt100 terminals."
>> The manual also mentions command options like /24 (use 24 lines
>> instead of 12) and /DCA (use cursor control instead of spacing)
>> but I am not sure how to supply those via the run command as in
>> run $vt50dpy /24 /dca
>> like that? It complains that it can't find some file, where run
>> $vt50dpy starts up fine.
>> I suppose I need to make a CCL.. right? :^)

 Ed> Ohhhhh RSTS! Light bulb goes off in head - light leaks out nose
 Ed> and ears from empty skull.

 Ed> Thought that sounded familiar, VT50DPY was the continuously
 Ed> updating SYSTAT thing? The "bring the system to it's knees"
 Ed> program (along with Plane)? Real VT100's had a hardware VT52
 Ed> emulation mode, or you could NOT use DCA and it should run on a
 Ed> VT100.

 Ed> But, a 7 character program name?? Thought RSTS and the others
 Ed> were 6.3?

The name was VT50PY, or DISPLY, or something like that.

In V10.1, that program would do ANSI escape sequences if the terminal
appeared to be a VT100 or above (i.e., a scope with XON support and no
fill). But, judging by the sources, that wasn't available before
V10.1. So you can change the code :-) or you can track down an xterm
with VT52 escape support, or you could add it to xterm (VT52 escapes
are pretty simple...)


------------- Ashley's stuff below (pardon me for leaving the
large amount of the previous message up above. I know someone
will scold me for that)

I have VT50PY (yes that's the name) running on my PDP-11. And yes,
that's the program that used to bring the system to its knees on
weaker systems.

I am out of town right now, but in order to make the thing work, you
have to load the BASIC+ source for (I think) DISPLY.BAS and then
APPEND VT50.DPY (or something like that - I'm saying this from
memory and my memory is faulty). Then COMPILE it, and run it. If
you want to allow non-privileged users to run it, compile it to <232>.

It uses the VT50/VT52 escape sequences to clear and update the
screen, so you need to do VT50/VT52 emulation. It does have a
switch to allow you to use 24 line VT52 mode vs the standard 12
line VT50 mode.

I'll check on the details when I get back home. Sounds like you need
to make sure your terminal emulator is doing VT50 or VT52 emulation.
It runs fine on my real VT52s or on my telnet sessions with VT52

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