Looking for PDP 11/60 Kd11-K Manual + TE-11 manual

From: g-wright_at_att.net <(g-wright_at_att.net)>
Date: Tue Oct 12 11:41:29 2004


I'm working on my PDP 11/60's and need info on the processor set.
The 1st board has LED's and thats a starting point if anyone knows
the status of the the LED's would be helpful. Or a source for
a on-line copy of the manual. ?? (kd11-k, m7872 1st board)

The second item is a maintiance manual on a TE-11 tape drive. These
look like a real challenge. ( Not sure if the TE-16 is close enough)
I don't have either manual.

Thanks, Jerry

Jerry Wright
JLC inc.
Received on Tue Oct 12 2004 - 11:41:29 BST

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