Looking for PDP 11/60 Kd11-K Manual + TE-11 manual

From: Paul Koning <pkoning_at_equallogic.com>
Date: Mon Oct 18 07:53:09 2004

>>>>> "g-wright" == g-wright <g-wright_at_att.net> writes:

 g-wright> The second item is a maintiance manual on a TE-11 tape
 g-wright> drive. These look like a real challenge. ( Not sure if the
 g-wright> TE-16 is close enough) I don't have either manual.

TE11? That doesn't sound like a DEC designation. The drives are
TU10, TU16 (with later variant TE16), TU45, etc. The controller for a
PDP11 might be a TM11 (for the TU10); for a bunch of the others it
would be a massbus controller (RH11 or RH70) connected to the drive by
way of a TM02 or TM03 formatter.

What precisely is the setup?

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