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From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Sat Oct 16 20:23:15 2004

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004, Jim Isbell wrote:

> The question remains, will the files I have, Gigabytes of them, made by Easy
> Office and Easy Calc and Netscape...etc. Be readable by the new APPS. If not
> then it is worthless to get new apps no mater the price.

You have to take them one (type) at a time. Word and excel,
not a problem. Netscape, netscape is netscape. Directory
structure is likely different, but bookmarks etc all the same.

I don't know what EasyCalc is. If it stores or exports in RTF
or Excel etc fine. If it's totally 100% proprietary youre'
likely screwed.

Etc. Go down the list one by one...

> I don't need a new
> clean computer. I am not starting from scratch.

I'd suggest installing linux on a separate computer, copy files in and
solve the problems one by one, then migrate your "real" computer

I can tell you, I can produce any of my files in a form easily
digestible by win, dos or apple (OSX or older). I run SuSE linux,
but most of the major distributions are fine. FreeBSD etc will
be a little harsh if you're used to windows but it's totally
fine software (in some ways better than linux).
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