LGP-21 Flexowriter running...

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Sat Oct 16 20:34:36 2004

Sheesh, things just take so long to get around to...

THe flexo is running fine now, except for the punch. It was
of course just lubrication, the thing wasn't even dusty! The
belts are even OK, though I suspect they won't last that long
(old rubber).

The punch and reader are sticky; the punch hangs, repeating
the same character over and over (certain codes, "7", "A",
etc) so it needs a little more lube in those areas. I missed
a few linkages, hit those, and it improved. It punches fine,
the reader works, but some timing linkage isn't dropping out,
I'm sure it'll be fine.

Whale oil or whatever it wants is long unavailable (nothing
specified in the manual) so I'm using 0-weight synthetic motor
oil. Motor oil is generally UNrecommended in old gear, but the
new formulations (like synthetics) are pretty good and don't
gum up. I used synth grease for the open gears.

I've only got the offline Flexo cable, the one meant for the
second flexo for offline tape preparation. I had to leave the
second flexo behind, Ed wouldn't part with it (aargh). This
one seems fine though.

The cable is all cracked, like it's made of dried pasta. Slightly
scary, but that's what circuit breakers for.

There is a big electrolytic in this thing, a filter for the
relay supply, but I said hell with it, if it vents it vents,
but it seems just fine, lucky me. Of course it could be open
and relays will buzz, but I'll find that out later.
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