LGP-21 Flexowriter running...

From: John C. Ellingboe <john_at_guntersville.net>
Date: Sat Oct 16 21:31:57 2004

For whale oil, check out your local watch/clock supply store. It may
not go by whale oil but that is what they use.

Tom Jennings wrote:
> Sheesh, things just take so long to get around to...
> THe flexo is running fine now, except for the punch. It was
> of course just lubrication, the thing wasn't even dusty! The
> belts are even OK, though I suspect they won't last that long
> (old rubber).
> The punch and reader are sticky; the punch hangs, repeating
> the same character over and over (certain codes, "7", "A",
> etc) so it needs a little more lube in those areas. I missed
> a few linkages, hit those, and it improved. It punches fine,
> the reader works, but some timing linkage isn't dropping out,
> I'm sure it'll be fine.
> Whale oil or whatever it wants is long unavailable (nothing
> specified in the manual) so I'm using 0-weight synthetic motor
> oil. Motor oil is generally UNrecommended in old gear, but the
> new formulations (like synthetics) are pretty good and don't
> gum up. I used synth grease for the open gears.
> I've only got the offline Flexo cable, the one meant for the
> second flexo for offline tape preparation. I had to leave the
> second flexo behind, Ed wouldn't part with it (aargh). This
> one seems fine though.
> The cable is all cracked, like it's made of dried pasta. Slightly
> scary, but that's what circuit breakers for.
> There is a big electrolytic in this thing, a filter for the
> relay supply, but I said hell with it, if it vents it vents,
> but it seems just fine, lucky me. Of course it could be open
> and relays will buzz, but I'll find that out later.
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